I feel it really offending when people comment that I am rich just because I am currently working 3 jobs now. Have it ever occur to you the reasons why am I working so hard? First of all, I don’t come from a wealthy family like all of you guys presumed to be. My ORDINARY family have my dad being the sole breadwinner, earning just enough for the family. Moreover, ever since I started working (or rather ever since I enlisted), I never/seldom receive allowance from my parents unlike most of you guys who still do. I need to earn my own keep for my own expenses. Moreover, university tuition fees and all the academic-related miscellaneous fees are another concern in weeks to come. I do have to earn enough in order to put me through school. The very fact that once school starts, there’s really very little time for me to continue on working 3 different part time jobs because I would have to concentrate on my studies then. That’s why even if it’s really tiring for me now, I am still holding on to my 3 jobs since now is the only free time I have to do so. If you don’t know my story then just shut the f**k up and don’t act as if you know me. Yes I might be laughing it off as you speak but I am deeply offended because by showing it will only make things sour which isn’t beneficial to anyone. And that’s the difference between me and you. Consideration.

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Couldn’t be more than to be bothered by anything at all now. When I am all too tired to not even bother to explain, where are the words of encouragement that I needed? I tried so hard is because simply I wanted to lessen the burden for my parents, a little more independent on my own. It’s tiring I know, but I just have to keep holding on. How I wish someone could just say, “If you ever feel too tired for any of these things, I will just be a call away to listen to your complaints.” I am used to listening to people complaining doesn’t mean that I have no fears or fret myself.
It’s just simply me being conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show. Or maybe it’s just me trying too hard…

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